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World Financial Center

Address: Building A, No.100 Century Avenue, Pudong New District, Shanghai

World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Center is located in Lujiazui, a skyscraper in Shanghai, China, is one of office-based, set-commerce, hotels, tourism, conference and other facilities in an integrated building, is currently China's tallest building, the world's third tall, height of 492 meters.

Shanghai World Financial Center, a total of 100 layers, which layers are 94-100 sightseeing layer. Which inverted trapezoidal bottom 97 layers sightseeing flyover, while inverted trapezoidal top layer is set to 100 about 55 meters of VIP sightseeing Tin House, 474 meters high sightseeing Tin House will be the world's highest observation platform that will exceed the current known as the "world's highest observation deck," the Canadian CN Tower (height 447 meters), allowing guests the feeling of space in the wide tourist charm of the city of Shanghai.

In addition, the building 94 layer also set up area of ​​700 square meters, interior clear height of 8 meters sightseeing hall to meet the needs of ordinary sightseeing.

94F Sightseeing hall

Sightseeing hall 94F high 423 meters, with an area of approximately 750 square meters, 8 meters high ceiling, in addition to glance beyond the old Shanghai style, but also the beautiful Huangpu River in the background holding various exhibitions and events, give you a completely different audio-visual experience and unprecedented physical and mental shock.

97F Sightseeing flyover

Sightseeing flyover 97 high 439 meters, floating in the air like a bridge, living in them, as if strolling the sky, open glass roof designed to make you look up to the sky at the same time, breathe the fresh air, blue sky and white clouds at your fingertips, man and nature here as one solution.

100F Sightseeing Tin House

Situated 472 meters, 100F aerial sightseeing Tin House is a 55 meters long vacant tourist corridor, is currently the world's tallest tourist facilities, which consists of three transparent glass floor to walk on but also to experience a return to "When Ling Undoubtedly, list of small hills, "the pride pleasure.

Transportation of World Financial Center

Public Bus: take No.16, No.18 arrive at Convention Center

Subway: take Subway Line 2 arrive at Lujiazui