Xintiandi is divided into South and North in two parts, the South dominated by modern architecture, Shikumen old building supplement. Shikumen northern land to preserve old buildings mainly old and new dialogues, each other. South built a total floor area of ​​25,000 square meters of shopping, entertainment, leisure center, at the official opening in 2002, this contemporary glass curtain wall buildings, stationed merchants have their own characteristics, in addition to dining options from around the world, but also includes the young favorite fashion stores, fashion jewelry stores, food court, cinemas and a large scale one-stop fitness center for local and foreign consumers and provide visitors a diverse and discerning leisure and entertainment hotspots. North Shikumen old house by a number of buildings composed and combines modern architecture, decoration and equipment incarnation several senior consumer sites and restaurants. In the South and the North in the watershed - Xingye Road - is the CPC, "a big" venue location, street Shikumen building will also become condensed history, culture and arts of the city skyline.

It covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters gross floor area of ​​sixty thousand square meters. This piece Shikumen buildings retain the appearance of the year bricks, roof tiles, Shikumen, if the clock back, being in the 1920s. But inside each building, in accordance with 21st century modern city lifestyle, the pace of life, emotional world of tailor-made, to become an international galleries, boutiques, theme restaurants, coffee bars ......

Transportation of Xintiandi
Public Bus: take No.911, No.926, No. 42 arrive at Huangpi South Rd.
Subway: take Subway Line 10 arrive at Xintiandi